Half-way There

Well, three weeks down, three weeks to go.  It’s been a struggle, but also easy in some respects.  Some days I feel like I’m in complete control, and others I just want to crawl into my bed with Lays and french onion dip and go to town.  But that’s the nature of every journey, isn’t it?  It won’t ever be a cake (UGH) walk.

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It’s weird, because I don’t have much to write this week.  I’m still trying new recipes (Zucchini Shrimp Scampi YAHS), I’ve been trying to work out more often and switch it up so I don’t get bored, and I allow myself a treat every now and then.

We officially started triathlon training last week, and because it’s a three-month endurance program they start us slow (I mean like 10 laps in the pool slow).  So if I follow that, I know I’m not burning the calories I want for weight loss.  Which means I have to push myself more, and I HATE doing that.  I’d rather give myself a pass, like “maybe next time I’ll go that extra 5 laps”, but now I’m actually wanting to go further, which is a welcome change.  I don’t want to wear myself out, but I do want to work hard enough that I feel like going to the gym was worth it.

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I’ve also been biking a lot (bless this weather!)  My poor co-workers probably think I’m having circulation issues because I come in most mornings still sweating and beat red.  But with my tires pumped and new brakes (that I installed myself thankya) I feel like I’m flying down Clark without a care in the world (except for those damn Divvy bikes, get the EFF OUTTA MY WAY).

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Alright.  Accountability time:

Weight: 228.5 (loss of 13.5 lbs)

Body Fat %: 39.4 (definitely wish it was less)

I’ll take measurements tonight.


Just keep truckin’, baby!



Week 1 is DONE.

Well friends, it’s been a bit over a week of the Weight Loss Challenge and, here’s a surprise, I actually feel really good!

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You know, minus the fact that my body hurts in a different place every day.  Or that I drool every time I pass a Stan’s Donuts.  But real talk, I haven’t had the sugar detox headaches I normally get, so I’d consider that a win!  In fact, let’s go over the Pros and Cons of this wonderfully stupid journey  (cuz y’all know I love a good list)


  • my clothes fit a bit better
  • I have more energy
  • I sleep better (albeit some weird dreams I’ve been having)
  • I’m SO MUCH LESS GASSY (you’re welcome, Wrigley)
  • I feel more confident in my body, how I look, etc.
  • I’m getting stronger, I can feel it
  • I’ve been cooking a lot of new, easy, healthy recipes
  • I’ve simplified this aspect of my life by planning ahead
  • I am getting back into a gym routine and get excited about going

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  • Everything will be baggy/uncomfortable until I can afford new digs
  • I want to get everything done at once and need to pace myself
  • Sleeping better means wanting to sleep longer means snooze button 4ever
  • My bowels are still getting used to all this healthy stuff…
  • This negative voice in my head that tries to sabotage my hard work rears it’s ugly head and makes me feel like crap every once in a while
  • My body is in a constant state of mild pain thanks to the cardio/strength training I’ve been doing 5-6 times a week.  Ow.
  • Lots more cooking = LOTS more dishes.  But as my dude said, “that’s just more time off the couch!”  Yeah.  True.  Thanks.
  • Planning ahead is fantastic for Future Me.  It’s a lot of work for Present Me.
  • Deciding what I’m going to spend $1,000 is HARD.

I’ve also made a big change and decided to save some money by quitting Weight Watchers and am now shifting my concentration to MyFitnessPal, where I can track for free, their database of foods is much larger, and I like their community a lot more (less whiny people).  Plus, I appreciate their breakdown of my macros and nutrients and adding in my workout calories.  Guys, I EAT SO MUCH SODIUM.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s not good.

On a similar note, I looked up “sad Oprah” on giphy.com for an appropriate reaction and felt the need to share all of the great ones.  She truly is a goddess.

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So right now, I’m in the “New Program, New Start” mentality, and it feels great.  This is the part where I’m excited about a new change, everything seems easy, and I feel very in control.  Here’s the rub: this has happened twice on WW and lasted about 6 months at most.  And then something stressful happens like a show, a job, moving, etc, and it throws me off completely, like the light was immediately burned out.  I don’t WANT that to happen, and I’m going to do my damnedest to avoid that, but there is this fear that the other shoe will eventually drop.

Which is why I want to focus on one day at a time.  It helped me when I stopped drinking, it keeps me grounded in my relationships, and it allows me to concentrate on what I can control and work on NOW instead of stressing about the “what ifs” that could happen in the future.  If I can dedicate my energy and focus onto today, then I can let the future fall into place how it is meant to.  That doesn’t mean I won’t run into road blocks, and I can prepare myself as much as possible for them, but it might still throw me off course.  That’s okay.  Life happens.  I just need to enjoy the NOW.

Keep it real, kids.