2016 Resolutions and How I Plan to Rock Them All

  1.  Take Vacations:  and I don’t mean just buy a plane ticket and travel somewhere unusual.  I mean buy a plane ticket, or drive somewhere, or even sit at home, and LET GO.  Don’t look at work emails, do disconnect from social media, do disregard usual stresses.  I have a habit of planning a vacation and then spending it worrying about all the tasks I haven’t completed or if my employer needs me or even if I’m eating well enough and getting enough exercise blah blah blah.  I need to LET IT ALL GO and enjoy time off.  Because that’s the entire point of a vacation!  So instead of participating in my usual “working vacations”, I’m going to take my time off this year to focus on my surroundings (New York, Aruba, and Wisconsin to start it off), enjoy my friends and family that I spend that time with, indulge in delicious, fulfilling food (this doesn’t mean overindulging in crap that isn’t worth it, but rather making choices that I’ll truly remember and will be a positive aspect of my trip), and discover more about myself in a different setting.dog summer cool sunglasses vacation
  2. Listen To My Body:  I’ve been really trying to focus lately on eating well and staying active in order to lose weight and also lead a healthier lifestyle.  While drinking alcohol is no longer a big issue in my life (though it will be a constant, tiny annoyance), I still have trouble resisting unhealthy behavior when it comes to food and fitness: overeating, going for high-calorie options, not tracking, choosing to sit around instead of going to the gym or even going for a walk.  So this year I want to listen to my body more and to what it actually needs instead of what my brain and my addiction want.  If I’m hungry, like truly hungry, then I will attempt to go for a healthy, tasty option that will give me energy and keep me full (those options don’t seem possible, but with a little research and menu planning, it is ACHIEVABLE!).  If I have the time and energy, I want to go for a long walk with my dog or head to the gym to sweat.  On the opposite end, if I am truly tired and need a night in, I will take it and not feel guilty for being a little lazy every once in a while.  I will also listen to my emotions and accept them as truth.  While that can be difficult and exhausting, I want to focus on finding constructive ways of dealing with tough feelings, like working out or writing about it or even just having a good cry instead of pushing it away and letting it fester.  Because festering emotions lead me to eat when I don’t need to, or sit around and stew, or avoid my friends and family.  And that is NO GOOD.body movie sexy girl pitch perfect
  3. Continue Living a Truthful Life:  Since I started living a sober lifestyle, I have attempted to be very honest in every aspect of my life.  With my family, especially my parents, I have tried to speak my mind when something is really bothering me, when in the past I would avoid those conversations so as not to make anyone upset or angry.  Through therapy, I have learned that if I don’t say anything, nothing will change, and if I do speak up, not only am I validating my legitimate feelings, but I am no longer making myself responsible for the recipients feelings.  (this isn’t to say I don’t take their feelings into account, but I no longer avoid conversations because I’m afraid someone will be sad.  I let them be sad if they want to be sad.  We’re all adults here, they’ll get over it)  I’ve also worked on saying “No” when I truly don’t want to do something, and if I’m asked “why?” I respond with an honest answer.  If someone asks me my opinion, I reply with an honest answer, instead of lying or pussy-footing around a subject (again, this is when I’m asked.  I don’t readily speak my mind on things that don’t involve me.  Or at least I try not to.  Maybe I should add that as a resolution….)  I’ve also become more truthful with myself, tracking foods no matter what the point value, realizing when I’m happy and unhappy and understanding why, and even recognizing when I’m being a bad friend/sister/daughter and working on changing that.  And I won’t lie, it’s not a cakewalk when you’re constantly honest.  Some feelings do get hurt.  Some people don’t agree with you and make you upset.  Others will disappoint you with their own dishonesty.  But it’s the only way for me to live a fulfilled, happy lifestyle and share that with everyone else, and I’d rather deal with the truthful shit than the glitter-covered lie.true truth disney hercules muses
  4. Make More Memories:  I’d like to record more of my life so that I can reflect on it later.  Whether that’s recording videos, writing in a journal, taking more pictures, or just retelling stories, I want to be able to look at this evidence in my later years and really reflect on all the wonderful (and sometimes terrible) moments of my life and see how I have changed because of them.  With this, I want to do more.  I’ve found myself sitting at home a lot lately, binging on a show and keeping myself from life, and I need to break out of that.  So instead, I’ll sign up for classes.  Go to more concerts.  See more movies.  Meet new people.  Discover more hobbies.  Learn about people I don’t know well.  Create more art.  Fulfill deeper desires.  Make visions reality.  Participate in more that life has to offer.  And record it all.picture photo camera photographer marisa tomei
  5. Watch More Michael Fassbender Movies:  Because DUH.dance dancing michael fassbender grooving

-E Daly