Day 8: Progress Has Been Made

Well, it’s safe to say that my first week was a success.  Even though I didn’t follow the plan to a “t”, weight loss was achieved, and even better than that, I feel healthy and happy!  

It was a great week in general, as well.  We began rehearsals for Triassic Parq with some of the most talented cast and creative team I could imagine (I’ll promote the show more in the future, don’t you worry) and I’ve made some great advancements at my day job. All in all, things are running smoothly.  

Isn’t it amazing how life starts to kind of fall into place once you start really taking care of yourself?  The universe has a way of lining all the good things up.

Alright, let’s get past the sappy crap.  Here’s what you really came for…

Current weight: 249

Loss: 8.5lbs (while that is great and I feel incredibly accomplished, please remember that this is a lot of water weight and I’d just come off of a gluttonous weekend with my family)

And the journey continues!

-E Daly


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