Day 6/7: Lessons Learned

And now, a list of everything I learned in the first week of my new healthy life:

  1. Ground flax seed looks and tastes like dirt (but it apparently does wonders for your GI tract)
  2. Multiple squats will make you walk like a cowboy for at least 2 days straightdog animated GIF
  3. If you spend about $100 on groceries and give yourself a good 3 hours, you can make enough meals to last…. 4 days.
  4. Setting aside time for the gym and packing your gym bag ahead of time makes you want to go to the gym! (it’s like magic, people)
  5. You don’t have to stick to the program 100% if it doesn’t work for you. If you’d rather go to a Cardio Jam class instead of lifting weights that day because it’s more fun for you and it makes you sweat, then do it!  Just make sure that the alternative isn’t sitting at home doing nothing.                                          working from home animated GIF
  6. Your friends and family will you show more love and support than you’ve ever really thought was possible.  Use that to push yourself to be better.
  7. Hot Sauce makes anything taste good.
  8. Sweet potato pancakes are something you should be having every morning.  All the time.
  9. Cheat meals are okay.  Just make sure they’re limited and they don’t make you fall off the wagon.   friends animated GIF
  10. Blogging not only makes you accountable, but it gives you an outlet for feelings and emotions that you really only ever discuss with your therapist, and since she’s out of town this week you’re really going to be needing it.
  11. People will stare at you when you’re sweaty and purple.  People will also stare at you when you’re a beautiful woman who takes care of your body.  People just love.  to.  stare.
  12. This really isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.

Next week, I’m going to Provincetown with mah gays for two days and then Des Moines for a beautiful wedding that weekend.  So while I will do my best to blog as much as possible, especially since it will be a tough week to stay on track, I may skip a day or two.  But know that I am with you, wherever you are.

love animated GIF

-E Daly


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