Day 2: Put the Kid in the Corner

I woke up around 4:45am this morning with one thought:


Bored Room animated GIF

This mentality is normal for me.  If I find something to be difficult, unpleasant, or inconvenient,  I immediately want to give up on it.  Why go through it when life is supposed to be fun, full of delicious food and hours of non-exercising?  I’ve applied this negative mentality to make health-ventures in my life: Weight Watchers, P90X, step class at 5am, Nutrisystem… if doing it means it has to change my day-to-day routine even a little, or that I can’t every thing I want to eat when I want it, then I end up giving up and going back to my old way.  And you know who else has that mindset?

A fucking three year old.

Baby Toddler animated GIF

Guess what?  I’m a 27-year old adult. My “routine” has not worked for me.  My “diet” has not worked for me.  My “but I want it THIS WAY” mentality has NOT WORKED FOR ME.  In fact, it’s worked against me in a very big (excuse the pun) way.  The choices I’ve made in the past have made me who I am today, both good and bad.  They’ve also informed the way I look.  I wear sunscreen religiously, so my skin isn’t burned or damaged.  I cut my hair recently, so it’s healthier and bouncier.  And I’ve also eaten poorly and haven’t visited the gym consistently in a while, so I’m overweight.  And unhappy.  And if I let that little adolescent voice in my brain that’s screaming “FUCK THIS SHIT I don’t wanna eat these healthy foods and I don’t wanna go to the gym and do workouts I’m unfamiliar with and I really DON’T WANNA stick with this for a whole 30 days uuugggghhh MOOOOOMMMMM COME ONNNNNN” win, then I’ll continue to be heavy, unhealthy, and most importantly, unhappy.

So I need to buck up, put that kid in the corner to think about what she’s done, and live my life the way I need to.  Because I’m THE ADULT, DAMNIT.

cute animated GIF

And thank you all for your support.  It’s been incredibly helpful and has encouraged me to continue trucking.

-E Daly


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