Day 1: When Will I Eat Next?

That is the question that racks my brain every minute, and it’s only 9:30am.  Hooooo boy this will be tough!  But after a hearty breakfast of sweet potato pancakes with honey, I’m feeling pretty satisfied already.  I’m also chugging water like I’m getting paid for it (1-1.5 gallons a day) so that’s keeping me occupied!

I also weighed myself and took pictures as my “before”.  And I’ll be honest, it was worse than I thought. I knew I’d gained weight since starting my new job in March (we get a catered lunch every day and free breakfast options/snacks throughout the day, and I definitely took advantage of it), but I didn’t think it was this bad.  BUT as I stepped on the scale, I heard myself say out loud, “It is what it is,” and that could not be more true.  Yes, I’m overweight, and yes, it’s much more than I’d like. But there is no use getting upset over it because im finally deciding to do something about it.  I could bitch and I could moan and complain that it’s my company’s fault for providing high-calorie lunches, that the gym is too far, that I don’t have time to exercise… I could point the finger at plenty of people, but the blame will always come back to me.  As does the responsibility to make it better and get healthier.  No one else can shove healthy meals down my throat, drive me to the gym, or keep me accountable every day (though this blog and your support really does help).  I need to do it for myself.  And this is the time for me to finally step up and take control of my life and my health.

And now for the ugly truth.  

Starting weight: 257.5

I’ll post measurements when I take them later today.  As well as my other meal so.  If they look good, maybe a photo.  But for now, I’ll just keep downing water and dreaming of my next meal.

-E Daly


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