Day -3: Before the Storm

And so it begins… or at least it will begin on Monday.  What is “it”?  Well, like every other 20-something white woman in the United States, I’m beginning a 30-Day “Wellness Program”.  In other words, I’m depriving myself of all fun and delicious foods while subjecting my soft, squishy body to weight-lifting and cardio workouts that will leave me exhausted, gasping for breath, and sore for days.  WHY THE FUCK AM I DOING THIS???

Glee Sad animated GIF*

(I don’t love Glee, or Gwen, but I do love gifs.  You’ll see a lot of those because they express my emotions better than any words could)

And my answer to you, as displayed by the gorgeous BCoop:

Bradley Cooper Why animated GIF

I don’t like depriving myself.  I am not the kind of person who does well on a limited diet.  Who doesn’t love pizza, pasta, bread, cookies, popcorn… (seeing a trend here?  I love carbs, no doubt about it.)  However, that love has turned into a weight issue.  Not so much a weight issue as a weight problem.  I’ll go more into my history with weight issues and how it’s affected my life, but that’s for a later post.  Basically, it has left me fat, unhappy, and uncomfortable.  And I DON’T.  LIKE.  IT.

Panda Fat animated GIF

(I feel your pain, panda)

So the time has come for me to take a big step into creating a healthier, fitter body for the rest of my life.  And I’ve decided to kick start it with this meal and fitness plan.  Now I can’t give you specific details because that would be wrong, but I’ll update you on my meals (there are a lot of them), food choices (there are NOT a lot of them), and workouts, as well as how/if my body is changing (no daily BM updates though, sorry freaks).  I’ve prepped most of my meals (even though, after spending about $100 on groceries, I only have enough food for ONE WEEK) so I’m ready for Monday.  And luckily, even with work and rehearsals, I’ll have enough time to get to the gym at least five days next week, so we’ll be going FULL FORCE right away.

Crying While Eating animated GIF

If you see me, please be prepared for a cranky, sore, sad individual.  It’ll be a tough start, but once I start seeing results (please please please let them come soon) I know the journey will be worth it.

I’ll update on Monday with weight, measurements, and pictures, because I KNOW y’all wanna see me at my worst.  Reality is a bitch who smirks at you as she runs past in her booty shorts, and it’s time for me to face her.

running animated GIF

(those bitches…)

See you on the other side!

-E Daly


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